Resources to learn German? Currently using Assimil.


I've been learning German for almost two months now and am currently on Assimil lesson 44. Although I still have quite a lot more of Assimil to complete, I want to start looking for resources to better my German ability after I complete Assimil. I will be in Germany in June and aim to potentially reach a low-B2 level by November, if possible. So how did you guys learn German and/or what do you suggest I use after Assimil?

Jan 8, 2015 12:51 PM
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I don't know Assimil German, but their Mandarin course is REALLY good. So I guess their German is fine too.


I suggest to try plenty of other different source. Do 25% Assimil, and 75% other....


That can be:

Newspapers, such as or - or whatever websites you are interested - but in German!


Listen to German radio - maybe you don't understand a lot, yet - but you get used to the sound.



January 8, 2015
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