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About Internet relationships

My English is not well,but i want to know did some people  feeling so lonely  afer use Internet,

maybe i think that relationship  is just my appearance, not real me.

Jan 8, 2015 2:07 PM
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 It is sometimes the case that a person  can feel loneliness  even if they have many associations and relationships with many people.


  One way of thinking of a solution,  is to improve the quality of a   few relationships.


  Another way of thinking of a solution is to     concern one's self with the loneliness that others feel, and see if one can remedy their difficulty.


 Another way of thinking of a solution is to immerse one's self in work and other activity,

including language study  so that loneliness is not a frequent visitor.


  Another way of thinking of a solution is to see  knowledge,   whether knowledge of a language or of some other subject,  as a means of becoming acquainted with so many other people that loneliness is not a  frequent visitor.


  Another way of thinking of a solution is to ask what principles one stands for; because the world seldom offers  love to people who stand for nothing;  whereas  people who stand for something   may merit a love.



January 8, 2015

I think the word you're looking for is "superficial". And I agree, it seems that many relationships are very superficial these days. Now, I think that has always been the case, even before the internet, it's just that the internet exposes it. People try to keep up appearances, they will only post photos on Facebook in which they are doing something really awesome. Now, the thing is, before the internet you would talk to this person, he would show you some photos and then you'd be like; yeah that looks cool. But these days what happens is that you check Facebook and you have like 200 friends or even more, most of whom you don't even really talk to. But their cool photos do show up in your newsfeed. So you're scrolling and they all look like they're having an amazing time, bungeejumping, skydiving, whatever. What you're forgetting is that these are just the best photos from a collective of many people. What you're not seeing is all the boring stuff they go through just like you, because when you have that many "friends" on Facebook there's bound to be someone who's having a great time posting pictures.


Then as a separate issue there's the whole selfie-thing. I mean there are people actually walking around with "selfie sticks" or whatever they're called. And it's know? They go to some fantastic historical place and all they do is a V-sign in front of a statue. When they get home they photoshop it a little and bam on Facebook it goes. "Me at the Louvre - am I tan or what? Kisses!"





January 9, 2015

All relationships will be different for you, whether they are in person or through the internet. You will just have to determine what you are getting from each relationship and what you would like to achieve. After that, you determine how you will do things differently.

January 8, 2015

There is nothing wrong with your appearance.

January 8, 2015

I really appreciate everyone give me recommend!

That is important to me.
I like different views of different people.

January 9, 2015
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