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French or German?

Hi guys!


I have a "which language should I learn" question. I'm a Spanish major going to grad school soon and my proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is getting better. I don't want to jump the gun, but I think I'm ready to take on a new language. I can't decide between French and German!

Now while French is an international language being official in nearly 30 countries, one of the six languages at the UN, and is considered a language of sophistication and high culture. It shares some similarities with Spanish, but to be honest the French pronunciation is a con for me. But its worldwide usefulness is definitely a pro.

But German is a language that has dominated Europe for years. It's a little harder than French but I think it could be worthwhile to learn. German to me isn't particularly beautiful, but I took it once in sixth grade and I liked it. Also, learning a language that shares no similarities with the ones I already know is a pro for me. That's why I chose Mandarin Chinese.


So guys...which one?

Jan 8, 2015 5:20 PM
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Hi Jasmine

As for me I would aim learn both finally. Languages knowledge always gives more opportunities for communication.

Anyway, asking your question I suggest to start with German. More opportunities to communicate in Europe, and even in Eastern Europe and East. There are some German diasporas in Ukraine and Kazakhstan btw. Cheers.

January 8, 2015

If you want to work in europe choose German (France isn't attractive for business). And "French language of sophistication and high culture" ? Well i don't think this quite true, we got more words to define poop than we have to define love. I don't know about German but if you want to learn a language for working, definitly choose german.





January 8, 2015
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