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Complaint letter to Fly-to-night travel agency for their bad service.

Dear Sir


I am writing this letter to complain about a trip to Sydney organized by your company.
Firstly, your company promised to book tickets on a top airline and would provide us smooth travel. Not only was our flight to los angleles late for more than an hour , but all the passengers were left to wait in a lobby without sufficient seating.


Secondly, On arrival at the airport, there was no one to receive us.At last, we had no choice except to hire a taxi.Its cost was $30 which i had to spend from my own


Further, the accomodation was also not as per your told us that we would stay in Five star hotel but was three star.Moreover,the service of the
hotel was not satisfactory.They also refused to give us dinner further we had to spend extra charges over out dinner. Apart from this, the guide was also not good. He
was trying to rip us off.


I really regret using your service.I find it unacceptable which tour package sold us by your agency. Which is no way resembled the description. We have enclosed receipts of extra expanses.and claim a refund of partial money.We expect to receive your cheque very soon.


Yours sincerely
Pawan Kumar

Jan 8, 2015 6:01 PM
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Ah, I recognise this IELTS writing task. :)


Most importantly, pay attention to capital letters and punctuation. You made the most errors with these.


The beginning was quite OK, however your sentences became more unnatural as I read. Try to stay focused. I could see you were becoming careless towards the end.


This should be posted to Notebook, as it's much easier to revise in that section. There's a strange limitation in this Discussion section.


By the way, the actual length is quite good. I'm glad you paid attention to that (many students don't!).

January 8, 2015
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