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Speaking fluently

Hello everybody!

I've been having trouble when I try to speak in English. Has someone any tips? I've considered memorizing 100 songs to solve this problem. Has anyone tried it or a different approach?

Jan 8, 2015 10:33 PM
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First of all, you need to speak as often as you can. If you can't find someone to speak with, you can try talking to yourself in English. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Also, try to think in English for some time; you can even think out loud. 

Watching shows or movies in English is helpful, because good listening comprehension contributes to your ability to speak well. Reading books out loud is also useful. 

I've found all of these things very useful in my own English learning journey. 

January 9, 2015

I watch English series :) It does help a lot with accent and pronunciation. Just find something that you like and watch as much as possible because from that, you'll really learn to speak the way people speaks everyday.

January 9, 2015

   Let's examine another example.  The initial post for the discussion topic has  a very useful and expansive vocabulary, as follows:


everybody!I've been having trouble when I try to speak in English.

Has someone any tips? I've considered memorizing 100 songs to solve this problem.

Has anyone tried it or a different approach?"



  This is about   my approach to  knowledge.    There are tips  to acquire knowledge.

Some tips  for the acquisition of  vocabulary  have memorization for their basis.

What are the different tips?  What methods have people tried.

To speak in Englisy with fluency can be  problematic.

 To solve the problem  I will try a solution.

What has been considered.  Is there anything that has not been considered.

Has  anyone and everyone found a solution to their problem?

I have been   engaged in   a research into this problem.

There may be excellent solutions to this problem.


The trouble may begin  with a feeling of discouragment based upon the trouble I have

experienced when seeking to find a specific solution.



January 9, 2015


   As you begin  to   keep   some notebooks   with the sentences you are writing, and you allow your Songs and DVD's  to repeat for you the phrases and sentences and words the reflect the ideas and meaning, concpepts and ideas  about what is presented in the Audio Visual Media, you can begin  to employ the  Concept Mapping or Mind Mapping technique  by which you use  colored pens, colored pencils, and crayons   to   Color in   special words. 


   Everyone has words that they "like" for one reason or another.  They may like the word because is shows "action"   or because it is very   "calm"  or it    "feels like"  a  certain color like Green or Yellow.


Such activities become powerful tools for  memorization.   Remember, the mind works entirely on the basis of Memory.  When you can  recall from your Memory, the word associations,  you will find it far

easier to speak calmly and without  stress or undue effort.





January 9, 2015

   The other technique that you can employ is to avoid   studying   generalized subjects too much at the beginning.  For example, it helps to use the specific vocabulary that  find employed in specific subject.

Your subject  might  be Art,  or Philosophy, or Science or Law,  or Mathematics,   or Theology, or History, or Politics, or Social Sciences, or Sports,  or Body-Building, or Diet and Health.  But it can help if you develop a   strong vocabulary in one subject.


 Rememer,  you can only learn so much at a time. That is why having   a specific subject that is familiar to you,  can offer you the repetition  of ideas and concepts that will enable you to develop a strong foundation that is very familiar to you.



January 9, 2015
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