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Great article on language recall

To my fellow Arabic learning comrades.  An insightful article to help organize the aspects of learning one of the hardest languages in the world.


"you need four things to learn a language. First, you have to use it. Second, you have to use it for a purpose. Research shows that doing something while learning a language—preparing a cooking demonstration, creating an art project, putting on a play—stimulates an exchange of meaning that goes beyond using the language for the sake of learning it.


Third, you have to use the language in context. This is where Geisler says all programs have fallen short. “A lot of people think that learning with authentic materials”—audio or video in which native speakers are speaking naturally, without a script—“is just a gimmick. But what you will get out of it is all the nonlinguistic cues that you get in a real language-speaking situation. If you are in a doctor’s office, you know what they are saying due in large part to visual and audio clues, not linguistic clues.”


Fourth, you have to use language in interaction with others. In a 2009 study led by Andrew Meltzoff at the University of Washington, researchers found that young children easily learned a second language from live human interaction while playing and reading books. But audio and DVD approaches with the same material, without the live interaction, fostered no learning progress at all. Two people in conversation constantly give each other feedback that can be used to make changes in how they respond.

Jan 9, 2015 2:05 AM
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Super interesting article. The development of interactive language programs sounds crazy! 

January 9, 2015

I'm 100 percent with you ,the most effective way of learning a language is by Knowing why you are doing that at the first place ,like to make your goal clear.Speaking a language is just like driving, it's inefficient to go to classes to learn about driving and how to maintain a car but to start practising by driving right away, while driving and making mistakes you'll build a base and start to speak the language step by step, but spending time learning in a class room is a major waste of time ....


 The best thing that I've ever used to learn English is By watching movies, Songs, CNN news, chatting on PALTalk ... Some times specific situations drive you to look closer and to get into details which will make a lot of sense to do to understand something instead of learning stuff in order without knowing why .... 


Sorry about the confusion, I still don't have a good hold of the language yet .

January 10, 2015

Text is very interesting...

Old language learning methods aren't efficient as the new ones.I use flashcards and hearing-speaking-repeating method for learning new words (basic words) than learning it by heart.


January 10, 2015

What he described of the software is what I already do the old fashioned way of pen and paper way.  Deployment Arabic DVD is somewhat interactive, I like that you can hear a word being said by a native and record yourself then hear it simultaneously.  

January 10, 2015
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