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French Verbs; for Native Speakers

How important is it to memorize French verbs? Obviously they are an important aspect of the language, but right now I'm self-teaching and all of these verbs and their conjugations are confusing and overwhelming me.

Jan 9, 2015 4:56 AM
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Some of thé most important parts of learning French is learn Irregular Verbs.
and There are numerous ways that you can memorize irregular verb forms depending on the situation. Most people simply memorize them and as time goes on, they learn to conjugate their verbs correctly (at least most of the time)

January 9, 2015

Katie, im having the same issue. Im just trying to memorize a few a day. Good luck ma chérie!

January 9, 2015

My suggestion, learning conjugation is more important than memorizing a page full of verbs.  No sense in learning 30 verbs if you can't conjugate.


Pick out 4-6 everyday used verbs .  Are you using the BOOT diagram for conjugation?

January 9, 2015
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