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What are you waiting for?

      Girls and boys , you are cute , competent , independent,consider ,and passionate.

      You're not ugly, run extre miles to keep slim, face always have smile.

      And you love life , know many people ,get scholarship ,look ahead and gain reward.

      To see how great you are , but you still have been keeping single for a long time .

      Many friends or acquaintances always asking you "why don't you have bf or gf ?"

      How do you answer kinda qustions?

      Are you waiting for someone ? Are you afraid of loving?Are you busying?


      l have no idea about myself.

      Just very obssessed with blonde hair and blue eyes (Actually means western people)

      Sometimes l think the question over and over again .0

     You can get a good Chinese guy, why are you insist on dreaming of foreigner(even poor)

      Can it be the reason why you're keeping single ?

      Definitely not , but l would be very excited if l meet some cute and talk to him.

      Maybe this is kind of  sick.

      It's not a big matter ,,,,,,,holy shit 


Jan 9, 2015 6:31 AM
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