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How to speak correctly?

Give me some advice. When I speak in another language I cannot feel the grammar. I should think while I speak, I should check what I say. Is there any way to speak correctly but spontaneously?

2015년 1월 9일 오전 7:28
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yes, practicing helps a lot.

But it`s not everything and at some point you will be stuck.

I have been doing a lot of language exchanges, so I have had a lot of practice during the last 3 years.

It`s definitely worth it to practice, but do you kno what? I haven`t improved much on my grammar.


I`ve had my oral exam in Spanish the past summer. The teachers were completely fine with me but they told me: "You know, you are the only student who has tried and managed to speak freely and we see that you are trying those things, but we want you to see in the grammar class again :P".


Actually everyone can be happy if he/she has reached the stage and who cares about grammar as long as you are understood. However, it always depends on your objective.


I found out that to solve this problem it helps to find a language exchange who makes notes on your general mistakes. Not every single mistakes because otherwise his/her hand might hurt after the lesson, but they have to point it out at least.


You can also grab your speech and give it to a native speaker who will make notes on your mistakes.


I can only suggest this method if you don`t care about people correcting you. There are a lot of other people who don`t like it at all and that`s fine, but I can only recommend it.



2015년 1월 19일

I agree with the 5 things that will help you improve your English, but I would add a sixth point to it as well.


6. Practice again... and then keep practicing


The only way to improve is to practice and to keep using what you have learned. Don't get hung up on learning grammar, just speak and communicate.

2015년 1월 19일

There are 5 things that will help you to become fluent in a language:


1. practice

2. practice

3. practice

4. practice

5. practice


When it comes to grammar, I feel that it's not THAT important. Important is to be understood. The rest will come by itself when you know more, and more.

2015년 1월 9일

Don't bother about the grammar!  Just communicate!  The more you use the language, the more you will ansorb the grammar subconsciously.  I heard about someone who had learned Polish very quickly and very well.  She said, It doesn't matter how many mistakes I make.  I have to communicate.  Because she used the language so much, she learned it very well,mgrammar and all!  Something I do is try to learn new words in the context of a phrase or a sentence.  That way, I learn to use them correctly without having to bother about the grammar, and the grammar comes of its own accord.

when we were in germany, we used to speak Germish, which was, German when you can, English when you can't.  That also worked very well.  We were using all the German we knew, which helped us remember it, but we could talk about everything, as we could use English for the words we didn't know, and people understood us.

so get talking, grammar or no grammar!

2015년 1월 19일

The best way to improve your speaking ability is to lisent first. Watch news channels in English then you will see after a month you can speak English as like as your mom tongue. Believe me. It was my own experience.

2015년 1월 9일
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