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I need to ask a question here. Can you help me、


Can you help me?

Here is a conversation:

——Who is that at the door?

——_____ the milkman.

I know i should fill in the blank with "It is". But what is the whole sentence like? Just "It is the milkman." or "It is the milkman that is at the door."? And who are making the conversation?

Jan 9, 2015 8:54 AM
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 The question is:   "Who is at the door."  


The simplest answer is:   "It is the milkman."  


 An extended answer with more detail is:    "It is the milkman that is  (or who is)  at the door."


    Or,  you can write an evem more detailed answer, such as: 


"It is the milkman that is (or who is) at the door and he is delivering the  extra milk that we ordered

when he came last week"


  You can add all kinds of additional information to the simplest form of the sentence.


January 9, 2015
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