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When the facts become digital,it is horrible to me.

I saw a television program that contents mentioned everyone will eating 500 Chicken all one's life,
Probably not so much,but when the truth(data)  speaks for itself.

that sounds terrible, right?

Do you ever think when the fact become amount?

9 sty 2015 15:58
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You are making me hungry! I'm sure I've eaten more than 500. They are delicious, and they are our food, so I can't imagine how that would bother anyone other than a radical, malnourished vegetarian. On the other hand, I've heard everyone swallows hundreds of insects over their lifetime, mostly while sleeping. Ick. 

10 stycznia 2015

Ptikikoul,That's my feeling, too.

10 stycznia 2015

@Eddie & 爱迪生 - it's an average; what do you expect?

10 stycznia 2015

I hardly eat any meat, but imagining 500 dead chickens in front of me... is just horrible!

It makes me feel I'm a murderer :(

10 stycznia 2015


9 stycznia 2015
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