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to do list

let's all talk about our "to do list" and share ideas : )

2015年1月9日 22:00
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Earn a lot of money and quit job!


yeah! me too, it's not silly at all, i would love to live my whole life by the sea. and i thought about working to national geographic as a photographer for the same reason hahaha..unfortunately i've never been in other country but i still travel in my country and i decided at least that i'm going to discover my country first then i'll plan to travel around the world


that's a good question, i'm new here too hahaha, it's just a discussion and my question was about anything you want to do, for example my to do list is all about travel so now i've got a job so i can make some money to travel :D 


Sorry, I`m new here, so I may ask you: What is it? Is it a kind of new year resolutions? Because I have a big list, hahaha Some I`ve been postponing for many years. They are simple things but some times seem so hard to active. What are you doing to make your dreams come true?


1) C1 in English at the end of this year.

2) A2 in German at end of year.

3) learn French someday.

4) definitely Learn Russian.

5) even if I don have any money.


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