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For help Hi everybody.
I am a math teacher work in Primary School.
Last year,i was graduated from university and join work at the same time.
but now ,i feel i am tired because the sdutents. they are to make trouble time after time.
I do not know how to  deal with ,for help.(If my writting have some mistake,please tell me  thanks)
Dec 18, 2008 9:11 AM
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hello,莫ing.I could not agree more with Ethan.Not everyone can be a teacher,especially a qualified teacher.Since you have been a teacher,why not persist in this sacred occupatuon.Maybe some students are naughty,this is their nature,just like that in our is a long way to ba a mature person for them.So forgive them and take a tolerant attitude towards them.I believe you can be an outstanding teacher.And our educational cause need you.please don't give up your dream.i am always your suppoter.

December 23, 2008

all right..firstly,i appreciate your sacred occupation as a teacher to contribute yourself to education of our country.
as you know, every job has the harsh time and host of trivial work to cope for me,being a teacher,maybe you should talk to and communicate with your students and know deeply what exactly they want to know.furthermore,a good teach would make good friends with his or her students and offer them some help if they have any question about lives,learn and work.would you agree that?
however,the important thing that i would like to point out that a good and lovely teacher would like to make classes funny and unforgetable,trying to stimulate students' inspiration and interesting in learning knowledge and skills.these are what i think about your questions.
anyway,good for you.i guess that you are a very excellent teacher with great passion on your job.
i admire you, for good. good luck

December 23, 2008
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