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Ana Cristina Silva
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4 Ways to Get Started Learning Portuguese On Your Own



The new year has come, have you decided or at least thought about learning Portuguese?  You try, but you don't know a word of it yet? No problems, in this article are a couple of things you could do right now, without the help of a teacher:


  1. 1.       Get a Teach Yourself Book with audio.

You could order one from an online seller... or a copy from the library for free. In internet you also can find some pdf books, but they don’t have an audio file L

There are a lot of books that would probably use to get started.

Tips: make sure you get a book with CD audio, otherwise it will be really tough to pronounce things correctly... and make sure to get the correct version of Portuguese, as Portuguese from Brazil and from Portugal are quite different.


  1. Try Language Learning Software.


On internet you can find a language course software or you can buy a dvd. This is a good options because you just need a computer…


  1. 3.       Look up websites for beginners.

Internet it is a great and helpful tool for you learn a language. You can find many websites with classes, explanations, exercises… and all this can be free…


  1.  Try one of the lessons on YouTube.

There is a lot of material teaching Portuguese available for free on YouTube.   Search for "Portuguese Lesson" and similar term and you will find lessons.



Now you can just pick one of these 4 and finally start!


Jan 10, 2015 10:54 AM
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OF course Nacir, but I'm a portuguese tutor, that why I wrote about portuguese....

January 10, 2015

These methods can be applied to any language, not just Portuguese. 

January 10, 2015

Muito bem!!

February 6, 2015
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