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EILTS writing

1>The pie chart shows the fast foods that teenagers prefer in the USA . In general, teenagers prefer hambugers, pizza and French fries. Hamburgers are the most popular food of all because they account for the largest proportion of the pie chart , at 33 per cent. Pizza is the second most popular and this makes up 26 per cent of the total survey . Teenagers also prefer French fries , which represent 22 per cent of the chart . The less popular fast foods in this survey are Fried chicken and tacos . The least popular fast food is sushi because only 3 per cent of teenagers prefer this kind of food
2>Playing computer games for a long time causes a lot of problems. One major issue is , it harm for your health ,because it can lead to obesity . Second issue is , it affect your study and job because it is difficult for you to focus .
I think that Internet is useful but it can harm for you . Many people spend their free time searching the useful imformations which they care . Others spend a lot of time playing games , chatting . The young enjoy using social network site such as Facebook .I don't deny that Facebook help people lose touch with, but many people like post , share imformations which blacken others .or spending a long time post status , their photos ...
3> Today, I go to my university to make a exam. The exam have many difficult question so I am not sure my answer is right . Then , I go to the nation library of Viet nam to search the pharmaceutical books and English books for  EILTS writing  test .
In the library , I have read a story named The scarlet letter. The Scarlet letter striangle based on a love between Hester Prynne , Arrhur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth.

Hester Prynne is a beautiful woman and independent woman.Her life is miserable and unlucly. She got married . But she affaired with other man and had a child. She refused to reveal the child 's father . She will never reveal his name and betray him.
Arrhur Dimmesdale is a reverent . His lifetime suffer the torment and torture because he made a terrible mistake.
Roger Chillingworth a man who truly loves Hester though she said that she didn't love him and the child wasn't his son . He didn't blame her because he loves her very much.
Have you ever read this story ? I think that it is worth to read

Jan 10, 2015 3:17 PM
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