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There have been new Arabic Language students here that feel Arabic is hard or didn't know the alphabet. One of the beauties of Arabic, is the artistic alphabet.  Above that, the unique sounds that don't exist in other languages essentially.  

Here is a four star demonstration of learning the sounds.  In Arabic, as some of us already know, there are similar sounding letters with subtle distinct differences that can affect the meaning/understanding of a word if the sound is not correct.

Imam Wasim Sharieff has been my top choice for learning how to pronounce and produce the accurate sounds of the Arabic letters.  He is the founder/director of AQL that teaches Quranic literacy.  Enjoy his videos!


The last I read, he was working on his Masters degree and still teaching Arabic.  I believe he is in Canada now...Will have to research as his teaching ability is impeccable.

Jan 10, 2015 4:21 PM
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Oussama, he does and I think the pronunciation of Tajweed students have the finest in pronunciation that exudes the beauty and poetic sounds of Arabic.  It's refine and crisp. :)


Nacir, yes as you already know, Urdu like Persian, Pashto and others adopted from the Arabic alphabet.  :)

January 10, 2015

In Urdu which is written like Arabic, we have the same sounds for these groups of letters:

س، ص، ث 

ز، ض، ذ، ظ

ط، ت

ح، ہ



January 10, 2015

He pronounces some of the letters differently from the way we do it here. Like ر and ج. Must be different tajweed schools.

January 10, 2015
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