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7 rules in life

1> Faith
Before you want to believe others , you must believe yourself. Noone is really perfect so your weakness aren't shame . When you want to give up , please think about all things that you have and believe that you'll do anything If you really want to and try.
2> Dare to accept your failure
The young have much time to correct their mistake than the old. So, you must dare to accept your failure . There are going through failure , you will grow up.
3> Forgiveness
Anyone can take mistake , so are you. So, please forgive others's mistake so that when you take mistake , others will forgive you.
4>Don't lose hope
Remember , when you are young , you have many chances to correct and try . Althouh now you aren't successful ,don't lose hope . I believe that you are successful if you really want to and try.

5.Love life
Youth is the most beautiful time of lifetime , it go and no rewind .Please, feel the most casual things in life and appricate your life , all things that you have . Don't let the burdens of life make you forget that " Life is very beautyful".Please, never avoid anything that makes you smile.I hope that there are always happy smile on your face. ^ . ^
6. Sometimes , you want to time rewind so that you do anything that you enjoy. But in fact , time doesn't wait for anyone , So , you must decide your life and duty about it. Your decision can be right or wrong but I think that you'll never regret.
7. Goals
Younth is invaluable time to discover yourself but sometmes , you are puzzled because you don't find out your goals to live . Please , write your goals about life , study , jobs , community.... and do it .I think that when look back , you 'll be grow up. At least , you will know where you are and fath you need go.

Jan 11, 2015 4:17 AM
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January 11, 2015

Hi, all you. Can you help me correct

January 11, 2015
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