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There are two basic teaching styles: a) teachers who transmit their knowledge, and b) teachers act as facilitators to the students' own learning process. Which of them, in your experience, is the most effective?

Jan 11, 2015 2:31 PM
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An interesting question.


At the school where I taught we did our best to be facilitators, but often ended up 'teaching' as that was what the students wanted! It was a private school and they were paying, and ultimately they had to be given what they wanted.


I find the same online. Most adults seem to think they get the best value by being taught lots of grammar. Again, as they are paying, they call the shots.


With the children I have an easier time: give them songs and games and rhymes, and they will explore and absorb the language quite naturally. However, it is not always easy to persuade their parents that singing songs is a good way to learn grammar!


The bottom line is that the student has expectations which have to be met. If the student is going to pay good money to have grammar worksheets checked then most teachers will happily accept the money and check those worksheets. I do!


And, from the other side of the coin, I can say that as a student myself ( a very lazy student!), I expect the Portuguese teacher to spoon feed me. If I were given too much 'facilitation' I doubt I'd ever do anything. Under pressure of time I simply want the teacher to teach me something.


The best strategy, I believe, is to be flexible. Go with the flow! Vary your approach. Tailor it to the student, as best you can.


But as they say in the retail trade - The Customer Is Always Right! So if it's to be 90 minutes on the subjunctive - So Be It!




January 11, 2015
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