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Irma Ixchel
What do you think about the happiness?? it has to be a pleasant feeling experience??

I've looked recently some Dalai Lama videos where he is talk about the happiness and it was made me think about the way how we interpret our own happiness feelings ... therefore I would like to know what is the happiness for you?

Thanks Ü

(if what I've written is wrong, pleace let me know it.) Ü

Jan 12, 2015 8:03 AM
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I've looked recently some Dalai Lama's videos where he is talking about the happiness and it was made me think about the way how we interpret our own feelings of happiness  ... therefore I would like to know what is the happiness for you?

Thanks Ü you


With only some words I could say happiness is a worldview. There are many definitions of it, but it's а strictly individual perception. Yes, maybe depends on the experence of the people and priorities that are at a given time (you know at 13 you could be happy because of the cool friends and new jeans, on 18 because of the freedom to choose the way of living, I mean deifferent country, university and so on, 20+ cool BF/GF, great party...maybe 30 - good job with big salary. Or some little things like holiday in the nature, skiing... depends on the people. We are so different and various as colors and combinations of them you could imagine :)

January 12, 2015

There are many things that help us or facilitate our lives more comfortable or pleasant; things like money, health, love, friendship, a good job, etc.
All are external things that can be observable and even valued in an objective manner. However, we forget that what can make us feel happy or not is the INTERIOR and SUBJETIVE feeling about how we value ourselves and how we value everything that happens in our lives.
So, you can be rich and unhappy or poor and happy.

January 12, 2015

Generally speaking, hapiness is MONEY, LOVE, SOCIAL STATUS(JOB) and HEALTH, right?


Even though people gratify thier all desires they wish for, I guess they feel happy for a while and they seek for something else.


I might say something negative to you, but people feel happy when they compare themselves with the people or the things around them.


For example, some people are happy because they are rich, have a prfect boyfriend, healthy or somthing. They think thier life is better than others.


However some people are happy even though they are not rich (because many people work so hard to get thier money), don't have a boyfriend (because having more time for thier interests and hobbies), and not healthy (because friends are cheering up to recover thier illnesses).


10 people think about thier happiness in thier 10 different ways.


It was a great topic! I liked this discussion.

January 12, 2015

For me happiness is relative consept:) In my opinion happiness is depending your claims,demands and requests from the life.But i know a beautiful quote:THERE IS ONLY HAPPINESS IN THE WORD-TO LOVE AND TO BE LOVED:)))

January 12, 2015

My happiness is centred on my relatoonships with God, my wife, my son and my friends. Feeling happpy is also affected by my health, my teaching and my interests. 

January 12, 2015
Irma Ixchel
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