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thuy Bien
Do you think you are taking care of yourself/treating to you body good ?

Yesterday, I had some health checks. I am just 42.3kgs now, low pressure, lack of Canxi and depression. I'm just 27 years old but I look older than I am, and my body has started saying that: you are old. I have realized the importance of taking care of myself but I inorged that always. Yesterday, my mind was really changed. I am planning to gain my weight and have a better look.

13 janv. 2015 01:31
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You are doing this at the right age. I am more then twice your age and am having to do it now. 

13 janvier 2015

I'm just 153cm, and I am vietnamese girl, most of vietnamese girl are thin like me ^^

13 janvier 2015

42.3 kg! why are you so skinny?

13 janvier 2015
thuy Bien
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