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Italki's Official Stance on the Horrendous Events that Transpired Last Week

Dear italki Community,

Many of you have posted entries, discussions, or commented on the terrorist attacks that occured in France and Nigeria last week and many have been dismayed to see these posts removed from the italki website.  Let us assure you that the italki staff's thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected. The acts that transpired were terrible and upsetting for many across the world and italki grieves and mourns with the rest of the international community.

As many of you have noticed, many of the posts have been removed from the website. We are a language learning website that aspires to create an open, friendly community and as a result have removed posts that while entirely benign in nature, could create a good amount of angry, hate-filled discourse on politics and religion.  These sorts of debates should be carried out on external websites or privately through messages.

For more information please see our community guidelines. If you have any questions please direct them to

Again italki is a language learning website, and we hope that all future posts remain langauge based. Our thoughts and prayers reach out to all those affected negatively by the terrorist attacks last week.  


The italki team

2015年1月13日 04:14
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Michael that seems a little disingenuous coming from you. The rules state "italki does not permit discussions and/or graphics relating to political or religious events or groups.".  Your posts on this thread including discussions about religion, your views on abortion, socialism, liberalism and Stalinism to name a few.  Are you suggesting that the rule was vague as it relates to your posts?


Carmelo, censorship is prohibited or restricted regarding govt actions.  If you create a private website such as italki there is nothing wrong with creating rules of behavior and enforcing them.  Too many people think that free speech is a right that they can exercise anywhere & everywhere.  You are free to speak freely & those that own this website are equally free to remove posts that don't fit within their guidelines.  No one is forced to participate here & if the rules of engagement on this site don't suit your needs you are free to leave.


A reasonable comparison would be if you visited my house & started swearing at my family.  You're free to speak however you like & I'm free to ask you to leave.


Excellent decision. Discussions should be related to learning languages.


This is a wise policy considering that learning languages helps to bridge divides and create new friendships. I applaud italki's stance.


This is the most hypocrital justification, for the massive censorship made in these days, I could never read.

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