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How often do you remember about the English? Do you learn and speak every day? )

how do you easily memorize English new words? i noticed that it is easier to memorize words in context while converstation )


for example, i speak and chat every day and night))but my English is still not as good) but of course better then early))

Jan 13, 2015 12:25 PM
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"How do you memorise English new words easily? I noticed that it is easier to memorise words in context while in conversation. )

For example, I speak and chat every day and night, )) but my English is still not good ) Of course it's better than it was earlier.  ))"


I have changed some American spelling Natalia.

English is my native language, and yet I learnt a new word here on italki!

I had never heard of "Philology" before!!


January 13, 2015

i start to learn two month ago) but five years ago i went to the English course 2 years) chat and speak two month..

January 13, 2015

How long have you been chatting and speaking English?

January 13, 2015
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