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Explain the phrase comme ça to me anybody

it means like that or as that but im often here it in random statement in french can anyone explain this to me please.



Jan 13, 2015 7:08 PM
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It depends on the cotext.


In the majority of the time, "Comme ça" is to show an object, an aspect of something. For example, "You can't say something like that" You'll translate it into "Tu ne peux pas dire des choses comme ça"


Sometimes, it can be a transition word in a sentence, but it's very informal. 

Example: "Tu devrais prendre ta voiture, comme ça tu seras à la banque plus rapidement" Here you can't translate by "like that" you will say "You should take your car, by this way (not sur about this part of translation), you'll be at the bank more quickly". 

January 13, 2015

it would be easier with an exemple (in english or in french)

January 13, 2015

comme ci, comme ca= like this, like that. 

January 13, 2015
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