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What a beautiful day?! :)))))

Hello guys :) Could you tell me something cool and great which happen today? :)

It's my way to say "Hello" on all positive things, because I believe when we search the best it will come ;o)


Today I learned 30 new words in English!!!


Have a nice and smiling day with "Accidentally Imperfect" hip hop beat -

14 de Jan de 2015 às 11:44
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Well, you've certainly made some guy's day by putting up a profile picture like that. Or do you actually think this is a dating site?

6 de Fevereiro de 2015

Why are you wearing so many clothes?

6 de Fevereiro de 2015

It's a photo of Bianca Guaccero, not the italki member.

7 de Fevereiro de 2015

Just yesterday I heard this amazing story. This guy called George, in 1988, was affected by a germs phobia. He had to wash his hands hundred of times and take shower multiple times every day. He couldn't stay at school because of this and he had to study at home. When he grew up finding a job was impossible for the same reason. He became heavily depressed and on the brink of desperation he asked his mother what could he do. His mother, seeing him so desperate, wanted to motivate him to react to his situation and she said to him "Well, what are you gonna do? Kill yourself? C'mon do it if that's what you really want!". He was probably thinking about doing it already and if fact, he took his mother's motivations literally. He took a rifle and put it in his mouth and shot himself.

But he did not die! And miraculously the bullet damaged the part of his brain responsible of his phobia! And so, he was not affected anymore by this problem. He was able to conduct a normal life after this and now he's become a normal person like any other.

6 de Fevereiro de 2015

Thanks all of you :) 

@Su.Ki. actually I don't think this is a dating site. Different pictures illustrate my mood :) People who are my friends knows that ;) I want to improve my English, because I am feeling sometimes really shame when I can't express myself in my job or just social contacts. Girl / guy who love to speak (sometimes a lot) and can't express yourself because of the bad grammar or missing of knowedges it's not a good at all :) Shame on me, but it's true.  But I am stubborn and I hope soon to fix this problem :)))))


@Den hello, they were different topics. I found a site "memrise"  where a lot of courses help on your trainings. This I choose was a Cambridge course: upper-intermediate-english. 

9 de Fevereiro de 2015
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