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Chinese r&b/hip hop/rap

Are there any prominant artists in these genres that one can listen to?

14 jan 2015 21:44
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Jay Chou is an awesome rapper if you're looking for something in Chinese that sounds more like our music. I had a hard time looking for songs a couple years ago and came across him on youtube. 

20 januari 2015

I strong recommend the artist Leehom Wang to you~~

I like his songs!


Actually I don't know much about the differences between R&B or hiphop or rap...

But  I think Wang is one of the artists that you are looking for...

Just give it a try~

14 januari 2015

Here is some of my favorite!

哈狗帮 《差不多先生》《我爱台妹》
李萌 小驴-TOMMY 《十元人民币》
爽子 《自由的飞》《别趴下》
郝云 《活着》《改装就装》


Enjoy it bro.

20 januari 2015

well popular in China at the moment is EXO. it's 12 members 6 south Korea 6 mainland China. it's a hip hop boy band but popular.

19 januari 2015

Khalil Fong, AM444, and Ms. Ko

16 januari 2015
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