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Arabic Grammar (1) - Forming Sentences

I will try to explain how to write an Arabic sentence correctly but before we start forming sentences it is very important to know the types of sentences in Arabic language.
There are two types of Sentences in Arabic.


First Type: Sentences that Start with a verb.


The simplest form of those sentences are 2 words sentences

First word is the Verb (e.g: Slept = نام = nam), the verb could be in past or present
Second word is the one who performs the action (e.g:John - جون).


So, the sentence will be ( nam John - نام جون) which means John Slept.

(Notice:in english letter the writing starts from the left to right so the first word is nam while in arabic letters the writing starts from right to left so the first word is نام)



1) Katab Mohammed = كتب محمد (which means: Mohammed wrote)
First word is a verb ( Katab = كتب = wrote)
Second Word is the performer ( Mohammed = محمد)


2) Yanbah alkalb = ينبح الكلب (which means: the dog is barking)
First word is a verb ( yanbah = ينبح = barking)
Second word is the performer (alkalb = الكلب = the dog)


Second Type: Informative Sentences.


Most of the time, those sentences start with words which are not verbs.


The simplest form of those sentences are two word sentences

First word is a name of an object, person, animal …… etc. (e.g: the sky = السماء = alsama'a)
The Second word is a word giving an information about the the first word. (e.g.: blue = زرقاء = zarqa or zarka )


So the Sentence will be ( alsama'a zarqa = السماء زرقاء) which means the sky is blue

(Notice: the second word can be a verb sometimes -- we will discuss that later when we talk in detail about informative sentences.



1) John yarkhod = جون يركض which means John is running
First word is a name (John = جون)
Second word is the information ( yarkhod = يركض = running)

Jan 15, 2015 6:19 AM
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شكرا عالمعلومات

January 15, 2015

Sweet post Zaid. Can non-natives actually read the Arabic script here at italki? (Without a magnifying glass that is)

January 15, 2015
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