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Q:The table below shows the sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district. Summerize the information by selecting and reporting the features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Sales: week of October 7-13

               mon       tue        wed       thu          fri        sat         sun
lunch      $2,400   $2,450    $2,595    $2,375     $2,500   $1,950   $1,550
dinner     $3,623    $3,850    $3,445     $3,800      $4,350    $2,900   $2,450



According to the information given, there was more amount obtained on dinner than lunch. From monday to wednesday, the amount of sales had increased and then it had decreased $170 on thursday. However, the decay long last to one day, on friday it had risen. But on the weekend, the money reduced to below 2000$. The maximum amount on sales recorded on wednesday whereas minimum amount on sales recorded on sunday. And, on sunday, there was minimum amount on sales.
One the other hand, the amount of money had fluctuated just like sales went on lunch. $4,350 is the maximum money earned on sales on fridays. Whereas, on sundays, the minimum money was obtained.
On comparing the average amount of money on sales of both lunch and dinner, the average
amount of money on sales of lunch is approximately $700-$800 less than the amount of money earned on sales of dinner.
It is obvious that, the sales have decayed in both lunch and dinner on weekdays and sundays.
And, on sundays, the amount on sales of both lunch and dinner was minimum. 

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