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Resources for Learning Spanish

Well, I've been learning Spanish for quite a while now and I've improved a lot in just few months. Here are some free resources I'd recommend you to check them out! 

1) Light Speed Spanish - Gordon and Cynthia are the host for this podcast. They offer free podcasts from beginner up to advanced level of Spanish. I've been listening to them for quite a while now and I really enjoy listening to them. I learn new things everyday and have developed my listening skill.

2) Notes in Spanish - I've once posted one discussion about this podcast few weeks ago. The hosts are Ben and Marina and I LOVE THEM BOTH! They are so cool! Ben is from England and has been living in Spain for a long time. Marina is from Madrid they usually talk about various topics within their podcasts. :D They offer free podcasts from beginner to advance ^^ Check them out and you'll find them amazing! Ben is an inspiration for me learning Spanish! The fact that he still makes some mistakes and having Marina helping him correct those mistakes by his side is wonderful.


3) Spanishdict - This is a great resource for grammar reference. Spanishdict offers free video lessons teaching you Spanish grammar and how to use them in context. Each video is about 20 mins and you'll get to do some exercise afterward as well. The good thing about it is that it's well structured and very easy to understand and it's FREE! Anybody looking for a main course for Spanish would love Spanishdict.

4) Spanish obsessed - I love Rob and Liz, the two hosts of this Podcast. This podcast is based on Spanish using in South America. They offer free podcasts from real beginner to advanced learners. The transcripts come with each audio and it's 100% free! They talk about various topics and it does help me a lot with my listening and speaking skill. My ears are now used to Spanish language. You'll love this podcast, I SWEAR!

For those who are learning Spanish, I'll post some more resources later on. I've got a lot, too many that I can't put all of those free resources in just one page. I hope this will help you in your learning process :D GOOD LUCK!!

Jan 15, 2015 4:34 PM
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I also forgot to add, you might already know of it, but I'm loving the app Duolingo right now because it allows me to practice/ review at any chance I get!

January 15, 2015

¡Muchas gracias Janey por compartir sus recursos con todos nosotros!


Les dejo un enlace para mejorar sus escuchas:


Suelo escuchar a Radio Nacional porque tiene más conversación que las otras estaciones. Saludos.

January 15, 2015

I also love Notes in Spanish! This morning I've finished the last podcast of Marina and Ben. I've listened to all of their podcasts, intermediate as well as advanced level and they are doing a great job! They have a YouTube-channel, too:

Now I need some new sources and therefore, I'm grateful for your recommendations!

January 28, 2015

¡De nada! :D It's also good to listen to some radio. You can choose them here. There are a lot but I'm listening to RNE Radio Nacional from Madrid.

January 28, 2015

¡Muchas gracias Janey!

January 28, 2015
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