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Ali Sakir
can u advice a book for travel ?

ı will have a big  travel tomorrow  so ı wanna read something  so ı thought that  u can help me ;)

Jan 15, 2015 6:37 PM
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Erigon, Artimis fowl, Alex Rider, or The knife of never letting go
Erigon is a medieval fantasy, that is four books long but sssoooooo worth it. One of my favorite books.
Artimis Fowl is about a Smart kid who discovers an underground world of faries(Sounds lame but its not)
Alex Rider is the best spy book series i have ever read, recomended to everyone. The way it is written makes it very suspenseful and you will love the characters, especially the villians.
The knife of never letting go is a distopian universe where any one can hear the thoughts of men, but it doesnt affect the women, so there becomes a war.
Hope you like at least one of these!

January 15, 2015
Ali Sakir
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