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About Travelling (Help Please)

I am planning to travel towards Europe in February. If I go , my first destination will be Budapest, after that to go Berlin from Budapest. But I wanna do my travelling by train. Is there anyone here who will give information to me about train ,their fees and difficulty? Thanks in advance ;)

15 ม.ค. 2015 เวลา 21:16
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Some friends of mine are going on a traintrip across Europe. It's called Interrailing. For about 200 euro's you can travel anywhere in Europe by train for 30 days. I'll put a link at the bottem of this post for you!


I don't know for what time you are willing to travel Europe, but Amsterdam, Rome and Paris are great cities.


Interrailing link:

15 มกราคม 2015

You can look at for train timetables. Yes, there is actually a direct train (or two?) which run between Budapest and Berlin, via Bratislava and Prague. You should at least be able to find the schedule and length of the journey, but it takes a while!


Would you consider stopping off on the way, or even taking a plane?

15 มกราคม 2015

Thomas, I know some information about interrail, but I don't mean it, just for transition ;)

15 มกราคม 2015

I don't guess to use plane in Europe ,Peachey. I mean as backpacker ;) Also, i know this website but i can't any information about fees.

15 มกราคม 2015
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