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Prepositions in Arabic

Prepositions in Arabic are used just like in English; they come before the noun,
Around the house = hawla al bait (around = hawla). In front of the house = amama al bait (amama= in front of).
Some prepositions that are one word in English may contain two words in Arabic, for example (among = men bayn) which means literally “from between”. And vice versa, some Arabic one word may be the equivalent of a compound English preposition, like: in front of = fawka.

Arabic Demonstrative Prepositions
This = used for masculine: hatha (th as in them) = هذا
This = used for feminine : hatheh (th as in them) = هذه
That = used for masculine: thalek (th as in them) = ذلك
That = used for feminine: tilka = تلك
These = ha’ola’ = هؤلاء
Those = ola’ek = أولئك

Arabic Prepositions
About: hawla حولَ
By: ‘ala على
On: ‘ala... على
Above: fawqa فوقَ
close by: bel qurbi men بالقرب من
on top of: fawqa... فوقَ
according to…: wafqan li …وفقا ل
close to: bejaneb …بجانب
Opposite to: ‘aksa... عكسَ
Across: ‘abra عبرَ
Concerning: bekhosoos بخصوص
Out: khaarej... خارج
After: ba’da بعدَ
Despite: raghma رغمَ
Outside…: bel kharej men... بالخارج
Against: dedda ضدَ
Down: tahta تحت
Over: ‘ala... على
ahead of: amama أمامَ
due to: naatej ‘an ناتج عن
Per …: li kolli... لكل
all over: men jaded من جديد
During: khelaala خلالَ
Plus …: idafatan ila...إضافةً الى
Along: ‘ala tool على طول
except for: bestethnaa’ (th as in think) باستثناء
Regarding: bekhosoos...بخصوص
Among: men bayn من بين
Excluding: mostathnian مستثنياً
Save: bestithnaa’ (th as in think)...باستثناء
Around: hawla حولَ

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