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where should I start?

I want to start learning a new language and I do not know where I should start...


What do you recommend? 


I will be happy to read recommendations


Thank very much.

Jan 16, 2015 12:41 AM
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yes,no,maybe,who,where,when,why, and such helpfull words

grammar theory How to create a sentence 

nouns, verbs 

how to use verbs 

slowly you will learn new words to work your grammar with :)

January 26, 2015

I recommend you firstly to learn the alphabets and some simple common words, then to listen to the language constantly. Listening actually is the most important part. You must have noticed how children learn their native language, they listen all the time from their parents and the people around them, so by the time they speak fluently and very automatically. Also I recommend you to write down any words you hear with their sentences that contain them, but not to write individual words. The first way actually helps you remember the word faster and how to use it correctly. Finally, try practicing by speaking to someone, specially to natives, and writing short paragraphs then correct them with the help of natives or good speakers.


Sorry for any mistakes. I'm a student of English, not perfect! 

Good luck for all of us! :)






January 25, 2015
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