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What do you think of China,Chinese and Chinese girls? Have you met them in real life? ( need some supports )

Hey,i am a college student in China,and i am 20  years old. I know 20 percent of the population on the earth is Chinese,and you can see Chinese everywhere:)

Why do I want to know your ideas on this point ? Because I have met a vietnamese girl on the Shardtalk ,and she acted politely and normally at first.But after a short time.She began to criticise Chinese and Chinese government,said Chinese people are stupid.Many foreign factories have moved  from China to Vitenam,all counties in the world hate China ,Vietnamese and Japanese hate Chinese.

Umm,Of course ,i really did not like that girl and her talking.It seems like she was influced very much by media.

So can you tell me your ideas? Although I hate Chinese government banned Facebook and YouTube ,I like our new president :)Thanks for reading

Jan 16, 2015 10:31 AM
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mm..ı have never met with a chinese person in real life but ı talked a lot of chinese people here and another websites..and they were so sincere and kind..while ı was talking with a chinese guy he told me facebook banned in my country and ı thought chinese government very strict..and when ı told him ı am from turkey he told me ı have never heard turkey and ı surprised :) but except this everyting was so normal :)

January 16, 2015

Haha,Eda.@Eda,actually,in China,many people can't even speak English.I think at least 60 percent people know Turkey,but they just don't know how to express it in English:)Besides,many Chinese boys are not good at English,but Chinese girls are more open- minded and willing to control English well.

January 17, 2015

I love China, its culture and ancient buildings. It has many history during thousands of years. Chinese people are very workers. I have met some Chinese people in my city (they have business like Chinese food, retail). Some of them don't speak Spanish or know  few of words but they try to communicate with gesture. Chinese girls have a special beauty (well, in general, Asian girls have it). Some things can be strange, for example, the food, it's so different than Occident food. The other different thing is the behavior like greet and presentation.  Sometimes I read China history because it's interesting.

January 16, 2015

Thanks for answering,Ruthi. You are a very nice person.Yes,there are many rude Chinese visitors including Dama! 

But also many good person ! I hope you can enjoy your teaching in China:)

January 16, 2015

Hi Sunny

I have lived in China for 3 years ,teaching Chinese university students,and I will be going back there next month.I think that Chinese people are very welcoming and friendly.But I think there are several problems which cause the reactions that you are talking about.Firstly most people outside of China know very little about life in China,they are very ignorant about it and they have some incorrect ideas resulting from TV and other things.Secondly the language block is a very big one.Most Chinese don't speak much English and because of Internet Censorship they don't have much opportunity to exchange ideas with Westerners.Thirdly, many rich Chinese who travel abroad don't know much about Western codes of correct behaviour,and therefore sometimes do things that offend,insult foreigners and these things get widely reported in the newspapers,on TV and the Internet. I think it's a shame because I believe that there are nice,friendly people in every country,and that's why I am a language teacher.IT would be better if Chinese and foreigners could communicate more and learn more about each others' cultures.

January 16, 2015
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