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Best forms to learn grammatical english in few weeks

Hi! I came here with hope of learn (or find) people that help me to learn english for an exam that have in less of two months.


I have serious problems to build phrases in english, and in this exam I have that write a text of 80-100 words about a topic. ¿What methods you recommend me for this? Specially I need practice writting.


If someone offers to help me with this, I can teach spanish very well (I'm native :))


Thanks for your tips and any help.



PD.: I appreciate that correct me this text for learn about the mistakes that I committed.

Jan 17, 2015 6:58 PM
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Hi! I'm not sure I'll be helpful because English isn't my native language too.

The text you wrote here is around 100 words, so you can write it, don't worry!

And your English isn't that bad, I guess you need to read as much as you can in these months, to learn how to form a sentence in a more proper way. You didn't do a lot of mistakes, it's just that your sentences don't look fluid. I guess it's the same for my sentences too, but I read a lot in English, so I'm familiar with how a sentence should sound.


About the mistakes you did...

-I came here hoping to learn English

-less than two months

-serious problems in building (actually "making" makes more sense in my opinion, but even if you want to use "to built" you should use the -ing form, I guess)

These are the ones I noticed...


Hope I've been helpful and sorry if I told you something wrong!

January 17, 2015
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