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present continuous or simple future?

Hi, is there anyone who can help me? I'm confused about the use of the future in english: if I want to say for example: next Wednesday a friend of mine (to come) at my home, how can I translate? Next Wednesday a coming at my home or will come at my home? I studied that when an action is planned in an exact future, they use present continuous. But I'm not sure....

2015年1月18日 16:06
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You're right, Elisabetta. The most usual way of talking about a planned arrangement is with the present continuous. So it's correct to say 'Next Wednesday a friend is coming to my house' ,  'Next Wednesday a friend is coming to visit me.'


You could also use the 'going to' future.


The 'will' form sounds very unnatural here.




My friend is visiting me next weekend/week/month/summer.


My friend is going to visit me next wednesday.

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