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José Luis G
English Professors, could you help me with this question about Zero and 1 conditional. Related to modals verbs

Well, there is a teacher on youtube who says I can use modals in both Zero and 1° conditionals . That's good, but She says this in 1° conditional:


You can increase your luck if you carry a rabbit's foot


 and I ask... why this question is not a zero conditional? because the video of the zero conditional, she wrote:


If you watch my lessons, you can learn a lot


so as you can see they are the same. They both use modals


Thank you in advanced

Jan 18, 2015 7:51 PM
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I wouldn't be misled by the modals.


Basically, a zero conditional has a definite result all the time. It's a statement of fact.


First conditionals depend on the likelihood of the "if-clause" happening. Then, a prediction is made.


That said, I agree that those two separate examples look confusing when placed together. I'd only guess the difference from my own perspective and not from the structure of the sentence.

January 18, 2015
José Luis G
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