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Hello I have got a question, someone can tell me the means of "henceforth" and use it in a phrase? Thx:D

Jan 18, 2015 8:22 PM
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Hello David:


  Henceforth, I will not buy another Microsoft compatible  computer.


  Henceforth, I will buy no more fly fishing tackle.


Henceforth, I will abandon  all mountain climbing.


   Henceforth, I will endeavour to persevere.


 Henceforth,  our policy shall be to put the customer first.



January 18, 2015

That word is pretty formal so it's rarely used in spoken English, but it basically means the same thing as "from now on" ("de hoy en adelante" "a partir de hoy"). 

January 18, 2015

Hi David


Henceforth is a formal way of saying 'from now on'.  It's like 'a partir de ahora'.


It would be used in formal and legal conversation:


For example,

Henceforth, you must address him as (call him) Prince Philip.


It isn't commonly used in everyday conversation.


Hope this helps!


January 19, 2015

Nice! Thanks a lot ^^

January 18, 2015

Also, it should be "can/could someone tell me the meaning of "henceforth" and use it in a sentence."

January 18, 2015
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