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which country should be the first one to start with when someone really want to travel the world?

l enjoy travelling and believe so do you guys from the other places of the world. We always willing to go through somewhere besides the place we borned so that we can grow up with opening our views. l love everywhere,but l have no idea where should be the first station of the trip. Do you have any good suggestiongs?

Jan 19, 2015 2:56 PM
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I really recommend to visit my country, Spain. Nice people and plenty of awesome places what worth to visit

January 20, 2015

I traveled half way around the world (almost) to visit the country of Malta and I do it again!  If you want to have fun, relax and see beautiful scenery Malta is the place to go! I recommend it to everyone, if I could live there I would not hesitate to drop everything and move there.

January 20, 2015

I'd personally choose Korea. However, definitely choose a place that has intense interest to you. 

January 20, 2015

Start from Serbia.Life is cheap, women's are beautiful night life is amazing.If you are interested into history then skip Serbia :D

January 20, 2015

I think first country should be the one that you like the most. 

If you are confused, you can write facts and places that you like about some it for several countries and see for which country you write the most good things. :-)

January 19, 2015
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