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If there is a God then how come there is so much bloodshed, war, poverty, murder, rape, child abuse and many other social injustices in the world ?     The reason for this is very apprent and is found in the Qur'aan. Allah Ta' ala says in the Qur'aan 'Corruption has spread on earth because of the actions of man, due to the wrongdoings of the wrong doers or the disbelief of the disbelievers.' If a student is punished for violating a law of the institute, what will be our reaction? We will say simply say 'The student is deserving of the punishment'. So when man violates the divine law of the institute of Allah, then why do we question, 'Is there a God'. Yes, there is God and He is the One that has brought this condition unto man because of his misdeeds. The second reason is, when this affliction comes unto those who are god fearing, then this will be a means of reward for them if they are patient at such a time. 'Does man think that he will be left alone if he merely says, I am a believer and he will not be tested.' Most definitely, Allah will test him. Allah Ta'ala says, 'Allah will most definitely test you with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, loss of lives and loss of crop. Glad tidings to those that are patient.' This is a disguised blessing of Allah. When the surgeon puts that blade on the body of the patient, even then it would outwardly look like mutilation or oppression, but it is the good of the patient that the surgeon has in his mindAllah Ta'ala Knows The Best .
Jun 21, 2008 4:54 PM
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HARREGARRE IS CHEATER  !!! you created a new profil named ATHEISMRULES to hide you'r real intentions hypocrite , how did i know ? i knew it because this group was created just after your posts and it's linked to the groups you used to visit and more u deleted my posts and u always rank yourself as best post !! you arent even coward , you are less than a pitiful narrow-minded who believe that Darwin is a god who don't did mistakes .
why you deleted my answers from you topics ?are you afraid from truth ? why  you rated your answers as the best ones  , you don't let others express themselves and u pretend to be free thinker SnowFlake , you don't read others posts , you only do Copy/Paste from your lords writes.  do you think that all people are unfair like you ? HAHAH nop fortunatly .
August 5, 2008
from the dawn of history great nations and civilations dominated the world and only the strong ones could stand , Greeks , Romans , persians , ......
every civilisation had a strong point  which helped it to dominate , and most of times is the War Machine .
Islam is a different case , strong by its idea ,by its message ,by its ideology , by its authenticity , it brought peace and justice among humanity during centeries , Islam taught people that blacks are humains , he saved slaves and makes the punishement of sinners is to buy a slave and free him , he gave to the woman her right ,he brought people from eating others and killing without a reason to peace , he stopped Vices ( alcohool , illegal sexual relationships ,suicides,... ) ,every one who tell that  a woman did sex without any proofs is punished (100 hits) and more and more ...............
August 5, 2008
I don't. I think deep inside you know why all other nations are hostile towards islam. That's because islam wants to dominate the world. It doesn't matter if you try to bring it by the sword or by sending lots of immigrants to our countries. We are very angry and we will stop your attempts to rule the world.
August 4, 2008
Why u keep avoiding my question ?
August 4, 2008
Lol, my master Bush? Then your master is the devil.
August 4, 2008
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