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Cambridge Business English Test Exam

For all the italki students who want to know how good their business English is, Cambridge University have a test exam online that is quite short, and can be done in 30 minutes, and will tell you what level of English they believe you have, and which business English exam they think you should do. 


Here's the link;


I sometimes use this test with my own students to get a rough idea of their capabilities. It isn't perfect, though, and you might still feel better talking to a business English teacher to assess your level. 

20 يناير 2015 15:09
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Thanks for sharing :)


Respect -Give2Get-

20 يناير 2015

Thank you! It was interesting.

20 يناير 2015

That's a great share, thanks~

22 يناير 2015

I think it may be having a moment. I fail to see how a native English speaker can only score 3/25. It didn't want to let me review my anwsers either :S 

20 يناير 2015

I hope it has motivated you, @andrey :)

20 يناير 2015
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