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lets joke...

share joke if u knw any 

Dec 19, 2008 1:24 PM
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2 women are talking::
- It seems you don´t  have much common with your husband...
- It was just like that saying about opposites makes attraction.
-  What ??
- You know, i was pregnant and he was not!
December 25, 2008
nice jane
December 24, 2008
Ten women are hanging on to a rope, hooked to a cliff, for dear life. Nine are blonde. It won't hold all of them for much longer. The brunette hanging from the rope says, "I will let go and sacrifice myself for all of you." The blondes clap.  
December 24, 2008
- Dad, where were you born?
- In Samarkand.
- And my mother?
- In Tashkent.
- And I?
- In Bukhara. Why sonny, do you ask me such questions?
- Well, I simply can't make out how we all gottogether?
December 20, 2008
at early morning it was killed mr.Jhons neighbour
December 19, 2008
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