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best way to befluent in english

I am wondering how some one whose native language is arabic .be someday fluent in all sections of (reading,listening,writing.speaking)

Jan 20, 2015 9:52 PM
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Of course you can, i know is a very different language for you, but you can do it, i have had arabic classmates  all you need is determination and follow this advices (I follow them and i was able to speak, read and writte correctly)

- Find your motivation: Do you want to travel? The English is the universal language you will be able to travel where you want with it. Do you want a better job? If you can speak arabic and English do you know how many oportunities will you have?

- Read a lot. That will help you to get new vocabulary. The 90% in a language is vocabulary.

- Watch movies try to watch your favorite movie with subtitles in English of course.

- Find a tutor or someone who can help you with your grammar

- Karaoke: Try to sing that will improve your pronuntiation.

Start now! You can do it! Good luck with your learning


January 21, 2015
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