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Peter P
How can I find motivation to practice sports?

I must practice sports because I'm getting fat (no ofence intended) but I'm very lazy. I have been slim without practicing sports.Maybe my metabolism has changed.

I try to get up early and run (at least) but I leave it. I forgive myself saying: " I'm not so bad, I will run tomorrow. I will go to gym next month".

Some people say: "be happy with your appearance". I would be happy but I'm starting to feel pain at my feet, my knees and back, I think it's fault of fat.

Jan 20, 2015 10:48 PM
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Sports are a great way to exercise because they can be fun and if competitive, push us, but if you are not interested by that, I think maybe you should think of doing other exercises first. Maybe when you get used to doing some exercise and being less lazy, you'll feel more interested in doing sports.


It's hard to give good advice without having an idea of your body size and what you are capable of. I suggest you start with small things. Five minutes of constant movement (jumping, squatting, sprinting on the spot, etc.) might be a good start and also get your heart beating quickly and you sweating in a short time.



January 20, 2015
Peter P
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