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Best proffession

Every person to dreamed about a good proffession. I want to be a doctor in my childhood. But moreover i want to be a journalist. I learned course of tv-journalist and online-journalist. Journalist very interesting proffession and that time dangerous. Your opinion: best proffession for you. Why?

2015年1月21日 10:08
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For me the best profession is a teacher. I enjoy it, you get quite good holidays and you can work in different countries.


However... it's not for everyone. You need patience. Often you feel frustrated and many professionals study less to earn more money.


Still, if you like helping people achieve their goals teaching is a  rewarding career.


I want to be a painter,but I learned computer in university,so maybe one year later I 'll be a programmer,I also want to travel to different countries if I have enough money- -#


I think, the most important thing is that you try to become what you think might be the best profession for you. You always have a choice. It's not necessarry to waste your time doing things you don't like. Make your wishes come true. After school I wanted to be a chemist, so I studied chemistry. During and after my studies I got more and more interested in healthy nutrition. So I decided to study nutrition counseling in addition. And now I am a chemist and a nutritional adviser :)


I think, any profession might be the best, when you see a results your work. It is not important what kind of professions do you have, more important is results and benefit for sociaty. But, if you haven't results, but you have high salary it is the best also. When you have good job which is bringing enjoy to you but doesn't bring sufficiant money, it is good for you, but bad for you family.


Many years ago, I watched one TV programm about ratings of "Dream jobs". I remember, that 1th place was taken by "journalist, who is creating programms about journeys, travels". I think have a two kinds of best jobs. First, it is job which you love and second, it is job, where you can take lot of money. For example, your lovely job can bring to you satisfaction, but not bring lot of money or sufficiantly money. best job, can bring to you lot of money or sufficiantly money, but doesn't bring to you satisfaction. 

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