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Which language do you consider more melodic than the others?

Hi! I think that this topic could be so cool. I would like to know your opinions!


In my opinion Spanish is the best one 

22. Jan 2015 11:49
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I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Portuguese. Strictly in terms of sound, I prefer it to Spanish to be honest. English is the most versatile when it comes to songs in my opinion, but you can't go wrong with any of the Romance languages. In terms of Asian languages, I'd probably have to go with Japanese as well. 

22. Januar 2015

Persian, in my opinion. It's the language of some of the world's best poetry, and it makes ordinary speech sound melodic.

22. Januar 2015

Only Japanese and Italian. Only. Do not argue. I know.

19. Mai 2015

I like Chines, Japanese and Spanish.

19. Mai 2015

When I listen to music in my own language it sounds weird, do others have this experience?

19. Mai 2015
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