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chinese family membership

today, i want to tell you something about the family member relationship in china.


you know:"blood is more thick than water".we chinese believe in that real society of china, that is always true.every members of one family will do many things contributed to theirs family conciously or subconsously and will feel proud of good relationship between his or her family members.for instance, parents often buy a house for their son or daughter to live in, take care of the grandchildren for years for free.sometime children pay a lot of money for the healthy care of their parents.sometime among sibling they send car or house as gifts. can you imgane that?

in our society we all have various sorts of relationship,realitives, friends classmates,colleagues, roommates and you name it,but the most important is the relationship between family members.from very old time ,maybe thausand years, to nowadays we chinese consider the most safty place is our home or our family.we trust our parents or sibling within any condition.we think whatever they say or do are on behalf of us and never hurting us on purpose.for eaxample,an old brother is beating his little brother furiously for some stupid reason and a stranger join in and beat back the old brother for protecting the can not imagine what will happened next ..95% of the circumstances is that the little brother will help his brother fightting the stranger together.ridiculous?but it is absolutely true.


so let me give one advice to you foreigner, if you meet some stuations like that on street or in your chinese friend's home, never,never join in. otherwise you will be in trouble.



peter pan

Dec 20, 2008 6:50 AM
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