how to introduce a product?

i'm gonna introduce a server product in the interview. this is the detail.

Acquiring a server is a big decision,today i will tell you something about a server. The first thing you need to know is what is server. Server is a machine,sometimes is software,but today we just talk about machine. although a small server might look no different from a desktop pc. A desktop computer is designed for one person who needs a user-friendly operating system to run desktop applications. the servers are designed for very different tasks,it runs a specialized operating system designed to suport many users. it also run some application such as email server,file server,print server or database software. anyway i wanna say the first important thing about the server is stability. The servers should make sure application system works well at anytime. ok,let's go check out the ppt(powerpoint). today i will introduce you a server product made by inspur company. as you can see,here are some features.these are the most important features. we got Xeon E3 CPU,4GB memory,two 1TB harddisk, support RAID tech,two gigabit network adaptor,single power,and dvd room. these all the parts are just designed for server,they can make server running more stable. hey,hold on a second,what is the meaning of RAID? the RAID is a storage technology,it can make your storage more stable or prove the performance. as you can see,this server is just a entry-level product. when you have a inspur server,the first thing you gotta do is setup the Operating System,then setup the device driver and application. this is a simple introduction,hope it can help you. that's all,thank you!

please help me find the mistake and correct it,thank you so much!

Jan 23, 2015 11:46 AM
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Hi Inchan,


I see you've already posted it in Notebook, so it's better to seek corrections there. All good.


However, I do like your profile pic of Success Kid, with your opening phrase "i'm gonna" (yes, the phrase does sound like a little child speaking). ;)

January 23, 2015
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