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Help I need somebody!

Hi there! My name is Carla. I'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I study to be a school teacher also I've studied English for 7 years, unfortunatly my english's teachers weren't good enough or something were wrong in their institute because I can't speak the language. I want to be an English teacher too that's why I need help. I need somebody ♫ haha. Hugs from Buenos Aires! Thanks!

24 de Jan de 2015 às 00:01
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Let me know if the Beatles show up to help you with English.

24 de Janeiro de 2015

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Are you looking for someone to practice speaking English with? Do you need that person to be a Spanish speaker or do you think that you know enough English that you can get by talking with someone who does not speak Spanish?


There seems to be a lot of people on this forum who want to learn Spanish and can help you with English. Maybe you can offer an intercambio.

24 de Janeiro de 2015
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