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which place? I wanna visit so many places in the future! But today if i get a chance,i would visit  South America ,Africa,New Zeland or Australia.I think there are a lot of advantures in these places.You can take pictures of a lot of spectacular  scenery as well.
How about you?
If you have a chance to go abroad today, where would you prefer to go?
Dec 20, 2008 11:09 AM
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I'd like to visit Africa......As far as I concerned,Africa is the place where human cultrue was born.I like the wild beauty of that wide continent especially the "Africa sunset",wow,so Amazing!And I want to work there too~ 
November 5, 2010
Sri lanka & India
November 7, 2009
My favorite places to visit include Egypt, New Zealand and Australia amongst others but at the moment I am planning to visit Mozambique and Tanzania in Africa to experience the famed African adventures. Hope to achieve a combine of luxury and recreation as well on this much-anticipated trip to the beautiful continent. Can anyone suggest a few activities to try out apart from going in for African safari, wildlife viewing and other stuff here? I also found a happening tour to the place featured on ekoVenture website, check it out:
May 14, 2009

Er ..i would like to go to GB , south Amerca.
If I can ,i wanna  traval all over the world with someone.

May 10, 2009
Hi there:) Last time I travel a lot to England and Greece...but I would like to go to Mexico - sooo much :) And India...and China...and Japan...and Argentina....actually I would like to travel around the world :D There are too many places in the world...I couldn't decided which place first.... :) Greetings!
April 25, 2009
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