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Good Idea for openning a good discussion.

Give me a good idea for openning a good discussion.

Please don't give me a book for ideas or even a site.

I want an idea from your mind.

Remember to be creative and crazy.


Respect -Give2Get-

Jan 24, 2015 1:46 PM
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Usually my interesting discussion get 150-200 comments and then it disappeared O_o

Anyway, speaking about sleeping during a class. Once during the high school, I was sick so the doctor gave me kind of medication which make me sleep all the time. So, I used to spend my time at the school sleeping ;) and it took me few months to recover. The funny thing I got the highest marks at the end of the year hehee


Who wakes me?! the bells did :)


January 24, 2015

This is the worst reaction to a medicine I have ever heard of Comendante!

My brother used to trun red when he takes certain medicines, but then we knew he's allergic to penicillin! And I'm allergic to medicines with Paracetamol as well, so I understand what you mean (,")

January 25, 2015

@ Respect: At that time I had just flue then one doctor made a mistake and he gave me the wrong medicine which my body didn't accept it . As a result of that, everything turned into red and I looked like someone burned with fire. So, to solve this problem the doctor give me a schedual from 15 bills each day. The one from this bills make you asleep for many hours so you can imagion 15 ONE. After 4 months, my body started to settle down but the doctor tell me not to take any medicie for two years, even if I was very sick. And now I have a list from 7 or 9 kind of medicine which I can't take any of them under any circumstances. I am allergic to medicine, Can you imagion that O_o

January 25, 2015

@ Mumtaz: They knew I took bills which make me asleep so no one waked me including the teachers :D


@ Respect: Because it took too much time (about 4 months to recover) and honestly, if I stayed at home for something like this then probably I woud never finish the school :)

January 25, 2015

I'm sorry you were sick Comendante, but this is really funny ;) No good friend to wake you up ha!;)

Or maybe they used to be real good friends and that's why they let you sleep as much as you want ;D

January 24, 2015
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